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After a very busy day of checking in, our reps and guests were very eager to get out and party. All our guests were checked in by 3pm meaning that the drinking started very early and the dancing lasted longer.

Check out what our guests got up to on day one of their holiday. The first night was a night out on the strip “MAGALUF WEEKENDER” style. We visited some of Magaluf’s best bars before finishing off in one of Magaluf’s busiest nightclubs, what a messy first night this was!



After a later morning, some of our guests just chilled about around the pool with our reps while others wen out and explored Magaluf. Some took advantage of the hotels beautiful facilities while one or two never made it out of bed.

By night time, everyone was in full swing for another night out on the strip visiting some of the other Magaluf bars that we couldn’t visit the night before. Our guests took advantage of all the 2-4-1 offers, the free shots and the free drinks that were on offer through out the night. Some of our guests got to take part in some drinking games with our weekender reps, while other videoed and laughed.

Throughout the night, there was firebreathers, performers, dancers and much more.


After a very messy second night, watching some of these interviews from the night before when rather amusing. But this did not stop our reps and guests from starting all over again. While one of our reps “SAVVAS” took one of our guests out on a mini golf date, others were chilling by the pool sipping on cocktails.

With a few shots to line up our stomachs at the hotel, it was time for GRINGOS BINGO with couple of special guests WES NELSON and GEORGIA STEEL from Love Island. Guests took part in this mental night seeing a couple of our guests and one of our reps Savvas getting up on stage and competing for some prizes. As you can see there was plenty of in house entertainment provided from all our guests in the video. WHAT A NIGHT!



Its boat party time baby and no better way to brush off the hangovers with a dip in the Mediterranean sea. Nothing stopped all our guests making this event and boy was it one hell of a party.

Setting off early afternoon, there was plenty of time to drink away those hangovers from the bar. Everyone managed to top up their tans and party underneath the sun, there was plenty of games, kissing booths and much much more.



The final night is here, and who else to run the bar crawl but the one and only WES NELSON. What a way to celebrate the holiday with one last blast on the strip, LOVE ISLAND style. Somehow, 95% of the guests managed to make it out following all the drinking and mishaps that took place on the boat party. This was everyone chance to pluck up the courage for one more heavy night of non stop drinking and games. Everyone managed to get their last selfies of the holiday done as well as a few cheeky pecks on the cheek with Mr Nelson himself.

There will be some sore heads going home on the planes in the morning, but none will be with any regret. What a night, what a great bunch of guests and what an amazing holiday.


After a very hectic day of check ins, our guests and our reps managed to get through it all with the blistering heat. Luckily our exclusive 4* hotel has exceptional air con to cool off our guests before they head out on the strip for their first night.

The first night stumbles had kicked in, the camera and was out and the drinks were flowing. What a night this was, our guests visiting some of Magaluf’s top bars in our very own MAGALUF WEEKENDER bar crawl run by the reps. There was plenty of drinking games, 2-4-1 drinks deals, plenty of kissing and even some one on one cuddle action. Check out what our guests and reps had to say in the morning after interviews.


The second night of the holiday was definitely a lot more relaxed between all our guests. There was a lot of nerves flying around first night, however our weekender reps were on hand to introduce everyone together the first night.

The second night was our chance to visit some of the other bars and clubs that Magaluf had to offer. Plenty of 2-4-1 deals, drinking games, party games and much much more.


The highlight of the week, PIRATES RELOADED is one of Magaluf’s most talked about events and definately reached its high expectations with our guests. This outstanding acrobatic show was an unbelievable event which provided an all inclusive beer and sangria bar with out guests. With this being an optional event, it’s 5* reviews meant that every single guest took advantage of our discounted rates.

Check out what our reps and guests had to say in the morning after interviews. There was plenty of laughs and giggles to catch up on.


What a way to finish off your holiday with a night time boat party. This was the first time we introduced this event into our holidays and boy was it a hit with our reps and guests. With a quick bus ride over to Palma, our guests got to set sail into the sunset and party the way into the night.

Some of the footage from the boat party was some of the best footage we captured. Our guests enjoyed the drinking games and the ice cube games played on the boat, some got a bit too excited and let the game take over.